"MAGNETIC" Click n Write Stencils

Magnetic stencils are a fantastic way to add versatility to your childs learning. They are now able to stick to any magnetic surface, while still clicking together and allowing them to be traced as a stencil! Turn learning numbers into the ultimate fun!


What could be better than our range of Click n Write Stencils?  MAGNETIC ONES!! 

That's right, the encapsulated magnets means they are safe to play with, while still providing the perfect high strength magnetism.  Now you are able to stick them to any magnetic surface, vertically or horizontally.  

Not only this, but they still work exactly the same as the rest of our range of stencils, by clicking together, and allowing perfect formation of numbers.  They also click with the rest of our range of stencils, magnetic or not!  

Having fun while learning is a critical part of getting children interested and wanting to try.  Creating that fun, engaging and happy learning environment is what we live for, and now you can achieve it too!


Pack Contains

Each set comes with:

10 numbers (0-9), with inbuilt encapsulated magnets for safety.  

Works with our Click n Write - Large stencils range

Product is not suitable for children under 3 years of age

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