Animal Puzzle Stencil - 9pc Elephant Tracing Stencil

Great problem solving and fine motor development with our Elephant Tracing stencil.

The animal puzzle stencil is a wonderful way for children to not only learn skills in building puzzles, but also being able to draw animals.  The 9pc puzzle is easy to assemble, using the colour coding system to match pieces, all the while learning great fine motor skills.

Each piece has been designed to allow the puzzle to only go together 1 way, with easy to follow colour coding to allow matching of pieces.  We use both coloured male/female connections along with letters, so children are building skills matching in different forms and creating understanding of how pieces fit together.  The bright and colourful colours help create fun and enjoyment, ensuring the children enjoy putting it together over and over again.

  • 9 piece Click & Connect Puzzle
  • Colours highlight connection
  • Trace Elephant onto paper
  • Numbers demonstrate direction & order
  • Build a range of skills and activities

More Details

Once the puzzle is assembled, the amazingly colourful Elephant comes to life.  Utilising the numbering system, you can then trace using a pencil the elephant onto paper below.  The numbering system allows for a  "dot to dot" style connection system, or it can easily be drawn in any order depending on the child's skills.   The finish drawn elephant can then be decorated in many ways, such as painting or stickers etc.

The combination of activities is a great way to teach children many skills, while also building their drawing capabilities and most of all having FUN!

Pack Contains

1 box includes : 9pc Puzzle Stencil - Elephant

Dimensions: Each Box 8cmx8cmx8cm.  2 Boxes per kit.
Weight: 130g per box

** WARNING ** : Product is not suitable for children under 3 years of age.

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