Pevan & Sarah Music CD's

Upbeat family friendly music created by two experienced teachers with a passion for creating fun educational music.

Music that is catchy, fun and engaging?? Yes we now have this in our product range!!!

Let us tell you about Pevan and Sarah!

The incredible duo are qualified and experienced teachers who are passionate about creating fun, engaging and educational music, videos and resources for kids, teachers and parents.

Not only is their music upbeat, catchy and infectious, ensuring fun for the whole family, but at the heart of their music is a message about education, kindness and respect.

With 3 awesome CD’s to choose from – believe me when I say the whole family will be singing and dancing along to Pevan and Sarah in no time! 

3 titles to choose from:Original Pevan & Sarah

  • Original Pevan & Sarah
  • The Tiger Tail
  •  Be Kind

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