Click n Write Stencil Kits - Advanced

  • Simple Click and Connect – All puzzle pieces click together in any order, to form words sentences and more!
  • Practise Holding Skills – Builds on skills to hold in place, while suiting 24mm dotted thirds
  • Spelling Fun - Spelling words to build association is a great way to advance skills and have fun!
  • Refine Technique – Correct direction and font mean they learn best, first time

Throw away those confusing charts, fixed tracing stencils, and get straight into the ultimate learning tool. Simply click them together, spell names, words, animals, and even start working on sentence structure!!

These stencils are smaller and require greater skills, thus for advanced users only, who wish to refine technique and build on existing writing skills. The holding requirement and pencil angle mean writing skills are needing to be advanced. If you are looking for a set to suit a range of abilities, please see our larger stencils HERE.


Already writing on dotted thirds? Having trouble perfecting letters? Have the skills to hold and write already? 

Then our Advanced writing stencils are for you.  Build on existing writing skills and technique to stop the errors early!

An excellent learning tool for more advanced writers.

After years of teachers wishing for the ultimate tool to encourage correct writing direction and formation, we’ve created our amazing patented click & connect stencils (insert thunderous applause here ).

Made specifically to suit 24mm dotted thirds, as found in many primary schools (and available HERE), they give the correct letter height required, while teaching the correct starting point and formation / direction.  Due to their size they require more advanced holding skills, thus are recommended for more advanced learners. 

These advanced stencils require very sharp HB type standard pencils, due to the small size.  If you keep the pencil sharpened this will ensure ease of use and correct function of the stencils.  If your little learner has difficulty with holding a standard pencil, then utilise our range of Pencil Grips, specifically developed for this purpose. 

To understand our range of stencils and which ones may work best for you, have a look through our stencil guide here.

**Video below is of our larger "beginner" stencils.  See stencil guide for size differences. 

Ultimate Kit Includes (97pcs):

36 pcs lower case (a-z plus 10pc doubles (aeiourstlb)), 26pcs Upper A-Z, 20pcs Numbers (0-9 twice), 5pcs Math Characters, 10pcs Subitising

Standard Kit Includes (72pcs):

36 pcs lower case = a-z plus 10pc doubles (aeiourstlb), 26pcs Upper A-Z, 10pcs Numbers (0-9)


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