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Grippies - Pencil Grips

Grippies - Pencil Grips


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Are you looking for a tool to help your child or student with their handwriting? Perhaps fine motor activities and pencil grips are what you’re after or you have a student with additional needs that could benefit from our lived autism experience and; sensory regulation tools? Whether you are at the start of your journey in discovering the world of educational products, or you just haven’t found what you’re looking for – we would love to help you while making learning fun.

Best Sellers

Time Timer Whiteboard & Timer
The fantastic "MOD" timer, with a whiteboard for notes! . The Time Timer + Whiteboard includes both a Time Timer MOD in Charcoal and the Time Timer Dry Erase Board. The Time Timer MOD is a 60-minute visual timer that has the style and...
Crazy Aarons Thinking Putty - 2" Night Fall
The amazing Crazy Aarons Putty - perfect travel tin! Night Fall Small 5cm tins Each metal tin is hand packed with a sample size of Crazy Aaron's Putty. A mix of purple and blue to create an amazing combination! Never...
Ark's Krypto Bite Necklace - Chew
Made in the USA, ARK's Krypto-Bite® Chewable Gem Necklace provides a safe, wearable, and discrete solution for kids and adults who need to chew. For boys, it's cool-factor Krypto-Bite®. For girls, it's a stylish gem pendant. Either way, it's sure...
Easy Read Time Teacher Kids Watch
An amazingly easy way to learn to tell the time!!   . The ideal first watch for children age 4+. The clear face design and simple teaching method make it really easy for children to learn to tell the time. Worn...
Sometimes I Feel Angry - Book
Wanting to explain those emotions?  This series is a great way!  Recognising, understanding and acknowledging 'feelings' is an important life skill. Feelings like butterflies in your stomach, the anxiety of going to big school, or joining a sporting team for...
from $9.95
Sensy Band - by Sensory Genius
A sensory, tactile and portable band..... Soothing textured silicone is the secret behind Sensy Band’s ability to calm and focus the mind. The bright orange band is easy to “slap” on and take off and adjusts to any wrist size....
Mini Squishy Fidget Balls - Twin Pack
Just like a smoosho, only smaller.  Perfect hand size for everyone! These mini squishy's are amazing to squeeze and the perfect hand held size for calming & relaxing!  Perfect for those looking for a simple way to help with self...
Alpine Premium Kids Earmuffs - Muffy's
We've been searching for the ultimate kids earmuffs, and we found them!! Alpine Muffy Kids are small earmuffs specially designed for children from the age of 5 to 16 years old. The earmuffs are used in noisy environments, or where...

Blog Posts

I am Autistic

I am Autistic

Autistic, I am Autistic, I have Autism, Autism Spectrum Disorder, On the Spectrum, Neurodiverse, Disability, Difference, Disorder, Disabled. Special Needs, Additional Needs, Identity-first language, Person-first language … the list goes on. There really...
Party Time

Party Time

Can you remember when your child first got invited to their friends birthday party? Like proper school party? Where there’s been a select few that have been invited?  I can. It’s today, and...
When do you talk about it?

When do you talk about it?

‘Mummy, you know how Will has Autism? Well, what do I have?’ These were the words from my 5-year-old a few weeks back. We were in the car and it just came out...


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