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Stretchy Axolotl
Why a stretchy Axolotl? Because they are filled with sand, stretch and shape and are lots of fun!! As soon as you see this and start playing, you will love it!   These really are so much fun to play with! ...
Stretchy Banana
A banana toy that a-peels to the senses!  As soon as you see this and start playing, you will love it!   These soft and stretchy colourful bananas hold whatever shape you mould it into.  They really are so much fun!  3...
Tranquil Haven - Wall Zone
Your dream of calm and relaxation awaits!! Welcome to the Tranquil Haven - Wall Zone, where serenity meets simplicity in a beautiful soft grey embrace. This enchanting addition to your space is designed to be a haven of calm and...
TheraZen NeckCare
Indulge in the ultimate relaxation experience! Specially designed to provide a blissful escape from the demands of the day, this innovative 2kg pack delivers a soothing touch that melts away tension in your neck and shoulders. With a carefully crafted...
Emotions Cards
A world of Feelings and the power of emotions.  How do I feel? Happy, sad, angry or perhaps surprised and more! This excellent resource pack is ideal to make children aware of their own and others feelings. Excellent for both conversational...
Shower Timer
Independent living while saving water!  This Shower Timer is a simple yet effective sand timer design that helps manage several day-to-day activities. The timer lasts for 4 minutes, which is the optimal amount of time for showering to manage water wastage,...
Hairball Kitty
Introducing Hairball! - Your Squeeze Popping Kitty!  This whimsical feline friend is not your ordinary companion – load it up with a soft pom-pom hairball, give it a gentle squeeze, and watch as the hairball launches across the room, adding...
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Nee Doh - Panic Pete
Squeeze, Squish, and Spark Fun for Kids! Get ready for a squishy sensation that'll have your kids giggling with delight! Nee Doh Panic Pete is the ultimate stress-busting buddy and a source of endless, squeezable fun. This lovable, squishable character...

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