Ocean World-Jellyfish Lamp
Mesmerising Rectangle Ocean World-Jellyfish Lamp! Dive into the depths of tranquility with our enchanting Jellyfish Lamp. A stunning fusion of art and technology, this mesmerizing lamp brings the serene beauty of the ocean right into your space. Watch as lifelike jellyfish...
Heart LED Wall Light
Illuminate Love in Every Corner!  . The Heart LED Wall Light serves as a beautiful symbol of love, making it an ideal addition to bedrooms, or regulations zones where you want to infuse calm and peaceful, loving thoughts. . Emitting...
from $13.39
Butterfly LED Wall Light
Illuminate Your Space with Whimsical Elegance! . This delightful butterfly wall light glows pink and blue and is the perfect addition to any bedroom, calming space or sensory zone! . It not only brightens up your space but also adds...
from $13.39
Wild Walking Finger Puppet
A Safari in Your Hand! 🌿 Introducing our Wild Walking Finger Puppets — the tiny creature that brings the untamed wonders of the wild right to your fingertips! . These whimsical puppets are not just a toy; they are a...
from $6.68
Squishy Glitter Axolotl
A Sparkling Sensory Adventure! . Immerse yourself in a world of squishy enchantment with our Squishy Glitter Axolotl! . This adorable and mesmerizing companion combines the irresistible squishiness with a magical touch of glitter. . Get ready for a sensory...
Bead Putty Axolotl
Your adorable axolotl jelly friend!  . Dive into the world of creativity with our adorable Bead Putty Axolotl! . This delightful companion combines the squishy fun of putty with the charm of a beaded masterpiece. Watch as your Axolotl creation...
Gemstone Selenite Collection
Elevate Your Space with Radiant Energy! Discover the beauty and serenity of our Gemstone Selenite Collection, carefully curated to bring a touch of tranquility and positive energy to your surroundings. Our Gemstone Selenite Collection is designed with peace, healing and...
from $13.39
Sticky Splat Balls - Snow Gel Bead
Just like a smoosho, only smaller.  Perfect hand size for everyone! These mini smoosho's are amazing to squeeze and are the perfect hand held size for calming & relaxing!  Stick them to each other or splat them against the wall! ...
Four in a Line - Travel Game
A classic game, in a small travel size!! The classic fun, easy to play game now in a portable travel size.  The box is the size of a deck of playing cards, so fits easily into a bag or even...
Stretchy Dino
Why a stretchy Dino? Because they are filled with sand, stretch and shape and are lots of fun!! As soon as you see this and start playing, you will love it!   These really are so much fun to play with! ...
Stretchy Jellyfish
Why a stretchy Jellyfish? Because they are filled with sand, stretch and shape and are lots of fun!! As soon as you see this and start playing, you will love it!   These really are so much fun to play with! ...
Dancing Light
Wireless & Sound Activated LED 🎵 Ignite your sensory space or dance floor at home with Rhythmic Beats Dancing Lights! 🌈 These innovative products aren't just a light; it's a captivating experience designed to synchronize with the beats of your...
Regulation Zone Ultimate Bundle
All the elements to start building your very own regulation zone or sensory space!! You asked us, so we've delivered!  We've put together all your favourite products, into one thoughtful and exciting package!  These have been thoroughly tested and approved,...
$402.78 $369.22
Regulation Play Mat
A basis for the perfect calming bed zone, or sensory calming space! Our Regulation Play Mat's are a great way to create a calming space, or use in the bedroom for a safe, calm, regulation zone to help make sleep...
from $181.23
William Ready Ear Pro's
We've been searching for the ultimate kids earmuffs, and we found them!! William Ready Ear Pro's are a revolution in sensory and noise regulation.  With extra soft padding, fantastic designs and the perfect level of noise reduction so you can...
Colour Pop Spinner
Spin them fast, then stop and push!! With a centre spinner that creates mesmerising patterns, it then also has 5 coloured push pops! Colours may vary and are sent at random, but if you really need a colour let us...
William Ready Voucher
    Share the joy of our sensory tools with a gift voucher. Our extensive range includes unique items designed to promote relaxation, regulation, and overall well-being. Choose the perfect gift for your friend or loved one to enjoy a...
from $6.71
Super Soft Minky Cosy Blanket
The most amazing super soft touch minky Weighted Blankets!!  3.5kg or 7kg! Weighted blankets are fantastic at helping those with Autism, ADHD, ADD & Anxiety.  If they benefit from deep pressure, then this could be very helpful.  With 2 amazing...
from $87.24
Tin of Strings - 6pcs Stretchy Strings
These are a fantastic & fun set of 6 sensory stretchy strings.  6 fantastic colours, with different sensory tactile feel.   They are 30cm long, stretch very long and are very strong!! They come in a fantastic storage tin, to keep...
LCD Writing Tracing Board - with Inserts
A fantastic literacy tool, helping to write, draw and create! Is it a pre writing board....yes Is it a drawing pad....yes Is it a letter tracing board....yes Is it a game board....yes!!! Plus many more!! The 10" LCD board uses...
Hugger Cockatoo
Pull them open, squeeze their tummy and they hug you!!! These Cockatoo's are absolutely adorable!  A wonderful way to take a friend with you, wherever you go, or simply to grab onto something around the house to keep them close...
Sold Out
Regulation Teepee Bundle
The perfect play space, or sensory calming zone! These absolutely beautiful tee pee's are made of the highest quality materials, look amazing and are a wonderful way to create a fabulous play space.  The bundle comes complete with the easy...
Regulation Tunnel
The perfect calming bed zone, or sensory calming space! Our Sensory Tunnel is a great way to create a calming space, or use in the bedroom for a safe, calm, regulation zone to help make sleep time a little bit...
Magnetic Learning Board - Calendar
Help develop an understanding of time, seasons and dates!! This interactive magnetic learning board has been designed to help children prepare for the day while teaching them the calendar, seasons and weather. Your child will begin each day by using the...

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