• Are you willing? A reflection into the world of autism.....

    Are you willing? A reflection into the world of autism.....

    And as I continue to share the struggles, the differences, the special interests, the meltdowns and the fight for inclusion and acceptance for my son and the whole neurodivergent community…. can I ask, will you be willing to do this too?
  • Focus on the proud moments!

    Focus on the proud moments!

    As I reflect on yesterday, I realise that time really does go so fast. I also realise that milestones are overrated, and that our kids development shouldn’t be categorized based on what is expected of them, at a certain age.  Yesterday William got up in front of the classroom with so much enthusiasm.  It was his school presentation on tunnels. His passion. His interest....
  • The Sibling Bond

    The Sibling Bond

    Siblings out playing together, laughing together, genuinely enjoying the same interests…..When I see that, it highlights that this has never really been the case for us. It makes me reflect that whilst my boys are kind, caring, and respectful to each other – they’ve never really had that brotherly play. Ryder really craved it when they were younger, but over the years he has...


    I want you to take a moment to think about the times when you’ve doubted yourself. When you’ve thought you weren’t good enough….. Where the struggles and hard times that life presents us, made you think you couldn’t keep going. Now multiply that by a thousand if you have a child with neurodiverse needs. It just hits you so much more, doesn’t it?  ...
  • A mother's ADHD Diagnosis

    A mother's ADHD Diagnosis

    3 weeks into the new year and already, so many reflections.   If I’m honest, both 2021 and 2022 were not my best years when it comes to self-care. If I’m being completely true to myself, I found I was doing everything at 50%. I was trying my best at work, yet not getting everything done. I was hoping to be all my boys...
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