Sensory Foot Chair Band
LIMITED TIME - FREE SHIPPING! Specially designed to suit the home, pre-school, or early primary school environments.  Ensuring just the right feel for your child or student, and give them just the right feedback to enable an amount of stimulation. ...
Weighted Animals
from $90.00
Weighted Animals
Meet the newest members of our family, the amazing soft, cuddly and calming animals!  We have been super fussy, picking only the highest quality, amazing detail and most beautiful feel.  If you are looking for a weighted animal, you absolutely...
from $90.00
"The works" Fidget Kit
Ideal package for the fidget lover.  Amazing range of sensory tools, from super soft (caterpillar) to high sensory input (spikey) and everything in between.  Perfect if you want to work out which ones best suit you or the recipient. Contains the  medium,...
$79.95 $69.95
Calming Flow Rings
These amazing calming flow rings just feel sensational!! Slide your hand inside, then let gravity run them up and down your arm.  The rolling tactile feedback feels amazing, calming and provides hours of relief. Very easy to use, they can...
Pevan & Sarah Music CD's
Music that is catchy, fun and engaging?? Yes we now have this in our product range!!! Let us tell you about Pevan and Sarah! The incredible duo are qualified and experienced teachers who are passionate about creating fun, engaging and...
from $15.00
Throw n Play Sensory Ball
A beautifully soft, light, fun, cotton-filled ball with tiny beads.  Once you grab hold you will be amazed at how it feels. These are the same balls that we include in our "William Sensory Ready Ultimate Kits", as they are...
Ultimate Gift Set
$69.00 $50.00
Ultimate Gift Set
Check out this amazing deal!!! What you'll receive: 1 x Write n Roll Dice 1 x Grippies (set of 5) 1 x Sensory Foot Band 1 x Squeezibo Stress Squishy1 x Orange Spikey Toy  Valued at $69, you pay $50.
$69.00 $50.00
Sensory Calming Hugging Animals
Soft, Light & Fun Spot Washable Lovable & Hugable! These are the cutest soft animals on the planet, who just love to cuddle and snuggle! A beautiful soft, stretchy polycotton fabric filled with tiny soft foam beads.  Once you grab...
from $30.00
“Never Give Up: Riding the Emotional Rollercoaster of an Autism Parent”
 “Never Give Up: Riding the Emotional Rollercoaster of an Autism Parent” is the deeply personal story of Monique’s introduction to autism through her daughter’s diagnosis at the age of 3 and the lessons she has learned as the parent of...
Sensory chain fidgets
These small and discreet fidgets are perfect to pop in your pocket and take anywhere, made by a fantastic Australian business and we absolutely love them. They are industrial in design so suit adults and children alike. They are also...
Noomi Squeezibo Sensory Animals
The perfect palm size squishy/squeezy toy. The 'Squeezibo' is super durable with a soft rubber inside and the absolutely beautiful stretchy cotton outside. Perfect palm size squeezy toy Soft & Durable Helps with self-regulation Variety of different animals & colours...
Finger & Pencil "SHAPES" Pre-Writing Board
The 4 shapes are a fun and entertaining way to learn different patterns, as well as fundamental movements required.  You are able to both run your finger in the raised channel, or use a pencil.  This enables multiple activities using...
Finger & Pencil Pre-Writing Board
The 4 patterns help with the fundamental movements required of writing letters, and are able to be performed by both running your finger in the raised channel, or by using a pencil.  This enables multiple activities using the same board,...
Kids Wooden Skipping Rope - Animals
A classic product with a twist!  The beautiful animal designs create interest, fun and motivation to get out and skip! Skipping is a fantastic activity for children, can be used indoors or outdoors and gets them active! The health benefits...
Wooden Bee Hive Catcher
This beautiful wooden play set, consists of 7 busy little bee's just wanting to fly in and out of their little hive!  With the included tweezers, you pick them up which is fantastic for fine motor skill development and grip...
Wooden Learning Board
This beautiful wooden learning board, is the perfect way to build skills, have fun and learn all at the same time! The set comes with counting discs, numbers, shapes and also magnetic fish.   Discs: Excellent for fine motor skills, placing...
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