We work with you to imagine, create and inspire so that the space you’ve always dreamt or imagined can come to life.


We take your dream and design, draw, engineer and help you visualise what the space will look like. Keeping you updated and involved through the process, so you know exactly what you’ll get.


The plans are yours to work with, build yourself (DIY) or engage your own contractors. Otherwise we are able to help work through the process and engage contractors and builders to have the space completed for you.
Why Build a Creative / Sensory Space?

Our passion is helping to create spaces where people feel at ease within their body, at ease within their environment and comfortable enough to access the support they need, through self-regulation both within our space and beyond.We take the time to understand your requirements and tailor the space to what you want. Building a space means that your child has the opportunity to explore, create and play all in a safe fun environment. Play is a fundamental element of a child’s development and has been shown to be a critical path to their psychological growth and learning.

Ready to have a chat? Call Andy on 0433 748 895 or email him at

How to get your own Sensory Space? 

We have a process of ensuring that you get the very best, most creative and suitable space for your students or children. Gaining an in depth understanding of their requirements along with your objectives and goals for a space to not only build a fantastic space, but allow us to do it within your budget.


We come on site to discuss

We see what potential areas you have, discuss your requirements, and ideas you have and what you’d like to achieve with the space

We Quote

We will put together a quote for you on how much it’ll cost and exactly what you will get. If you love it all, you sign up and we get started!

We design

Now is when we put together a 3d design of the space for you, to visually see the outcome and ensure you are clear on exactly what you are going to get. We can run through any stages of construction so you know how it will happen.

Either you build (DIY) or we do it for you

We have an amazing internal team, as well as experienced certified builders and playground inspectors which get involved as required. We can provide Australian Standard certification (for school playgrounds), so you can feel safe knowing it’s all been certified.

Andy - Director

As the Director of William Ready, l’m responsible for all day to day operations and management of the business. I am also Williams father! Having lived first hand with an Autistic son and a neurotypical son, I enjoy a good understanding of what life can throw at us. Using my Engineering skills, fine tuned in the Automotive & Industrial / Commercial sectors, l now focus my energy to ensuring that all children have the ability to succeed

Julia - Co founder

I co-founded William Ready with my husband and sister, bringing all that we love about my beautiful boys and family together. I provide a mum’s perspective, insight and understanding of what can be achieved when you set yourself on a path of learning, hope and growth. Having built William Ready from the ground up, l love to see children smile, shine and have fun! I am passionate about promoting kindness, inclusion and acceptance for all, and love talking to other parents and sharing how we can help each other.

Liz Co founder/Educator

Having been a primary school teacher for the past 15+ years, along with specialising in Autism the last 5 years, l bring a teachers perspective which helps shape learning experiences and requirements that aim to enhance strengths and develop challenges. I have a deep understanding of the diversity of children’s needs and behaviours and am passionate about inclusion. Helping students, teachers and therapists achieve their very best, by creating new and innovative ideas is what l love most!

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