"Grippies" - 5 x Superhero Pencil Grips
   Improve strength and skill Corrects finger position Easy to install and use 5 types - suits LH and RH Make writing fun!!    Meet our superhero friends "Grippies".  Is it a bird, is it a plane......no it's super Grippie!! ...
"Make a Wish" LED Bottle
Believe in yourself with these peaceful, tranquil LED bottles . Are you looking for the perfect decoration for your sensory space, desk or bedroom?  . What a fantastic way to shine some light, and brighten up your day.   These wonderful...
"The Works" Fidget Kit
This is the ideal set for your fidget lover.  A great range of fidget toys, from super soft (caterpillar) to high sensory input (spikey) and all in between.  With everyone having different sensory preferences, what one person will like will...
12 Bright Twist Crayons
Simply twist and write!  Super easy way to work with crayons without the mess!! Twist to extend or retract 12 bright colours Clear tube highlights crayon Great range of colours Twist Crayons are non-toxic, washable and make drawing fun and...
12 Sided Fidget
12 sides of fidgeting fun!! There's so much to do, you just wont stop!!  From tactile, pushing, pulling, plucking, rubbing, twisting, turning and spinning, you'll have something to keep your hands busy. For younger kids, these are great at developing...
24mm Dotted Thirds Workbook - Highlighted Line
If just like us, you were trying to work with dotted thirds, only to find it difficult to explain where the base line is and differentiate it from the rest.  Well we've found the solution for you!!! They are must...
3D Wood Dinosaur Kit
Build your very own dinosaur, with 4 to collect! Using the easy-to-use wood sheets, simply pop out the pieces and follow the instructions. No glue required!   6 Amazing Dinosaurs to choose from: T- Rex Stegosaurus Velociraptor Apatosaurus Pteranodon Parasaurolophus...
5 & 10 Minute Sand Timers
Large Colourful Sand Timers Sand Timers provides a fun and easy way to measure time. The Learning Can Be Fun Large Sand Timers help teach the concept of time as sand passes from one chamber to the next. . Perfect...
50 Emotion Activities
A fantastic way to identify emotions using interactive tasks!! 50 Emotion Activities is a set of double-sided activity cards that teach children how to identify and express different emotions using interactive tasks such as art, music, dance, acting and group...
6 Conflict & Resolution Games
Children often encounter differences with others, but how easy are these differences to resolve? 6 Conflict and Resolution games is a unique set of games that focuses on how to recognize conflict, how to handle it and how to resolve...
6 Social Skills Games
Learn a range of essential skills that can be used in everyday life with this fun set of 6 Social Skills Games. Answer questions about how to deal with relatable scenarios, differentiate between right and wrong and learn how to...
99 MORE - Buildzi Add on
99 More BUILDZI Towers - the fast-stacking fun add-on to BUILDZI! If you've already got Buildzi, or looking to purchase one, then this is a must have!!  A whole lot of extra game cards, with five new types of tower...
A4 Thin Whiteboard Pad - Perfect for writing skills
Write, erase, write again! Practise practise practise!  These are the perfect size as they are just slightly larger than an a4 sheet, so they are really easy to hold, carry and store away.   We love these, to use as reminders...
Active Bundle - Bean Bags, Balance Beam, Juggling & Frisbee
We've put this amazing activity bundle together for you!!! 4 x sets of bean bags - Alphabet, Shapes, Numbers & Colours 54pcs! 1 x Round or Straight Balance Beam (you choose!) 4 x Juggling Balls 6 x Coloured Frisbee's  ...
Adhesive Alphabet Desk Strips
Removable adhesive alphabet desk strips - ideal to reference while writing! These laminated, adhesive desk strips are a terrific idea for learning to write.  Helping to reinforce the correct starting points, direction and formation of each letter.  Plus the easy...
Air Shot with Floating Targets!
Shoot the balls as they float in air!   . A fantastic and fun game!  You place the balls on the air floats, and the balls levitate ready to be shot!   . Great way for building co-ordination and motor skills and...
All Birds Have Anxiety - Kathy Hoopmann
Life as a bird can be stressful!  . From worrying about airplanes, windows, and getting enough worms to eat, it is clear that birds can be anxious beings. Through a light-touch, quizzical depiction of bird behaviour, All Birds Have Anxiety uses colourful...
from $32.99
All Cats Are on the Autism Spectrum - Kathy Hoopmann
This book evokes all the joys and challenges of being on the autism spectrum . This updated edition of the bestselling All Cats Have Asperger Syndrome provides an engaging, gentle introduction to autism.All-new cats take a playful look at the world of...
from $32.99
All Dogs Have ADHD - Kathy Hoopmann
Charming colour photographs of dogs bring to life familiar ADHD characteristics  . This delightful revised edition of All Dogs Have ADHD takes an inspiring and affectionate look at Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). With all-new images from the canine world,...
from $32.99
Alligator Grabber
It's alligator chomping time!   . Fantastic way for kids to have fun, but also help build those fine and gross motor skills. .  Use the gator to pick up objects, and hopefully not bite to many people! . Colour sent...
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Alpine Premium Baby Muffy Earmuffs
We've been searching for the ultimate baby earmuffs, and we found them!!  Alpine Baby Muffy are small earmuffs specially designed for babies up to 36 months. The earmuffs are used in noisy environments, or where children with noise sensitivities may...
Alpine Premium Kids Earmuffs - Muffy's
We've been searching for the ultimate kids earmuffs, and we found them!! Alpine Muffy Kids are small earmuffs specially designed for children from the age of 5 to 16 years old. The earmuffs are used in noisy environments, or where...
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Ark's Basketball Necklace - Chew
ARK's Basketball Chew Necklace is a sensory slam dunk!   This rounded disc pendant measures about 4.5cm in diameter and 1.2cm at the thickest part (in the center of the pendant) - perfect for those who prefer chewing with their...
Ark's Bite Saber - Chew
ARK's Bite Saber® Sensory Chewelry is a safe and super cool solution for anyone who needs to chew.   At 10cm long and just under 1.2cm in diameter at the tip, it’s just the right size to reach the back...
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