Sensory Foot Chair Band
LIMITED TIME - FREE SHIPPING! Specially designed to suit the home, pre-school, or early primary school environments.  Ensuring just the right feel for your child or student, and give them just the right feedback to enable an amount of stimulation. ...
Calming Flow Rings
These amazing calming flow rings just feel sensational!! Slide your hand inside, then let gravity run them up and down your arm.  The rolling tactile feedback feels amazing, calming and provides hours of relief. Very easy to use, they can...
Throw n Play Sensory Ball
A beautifully soft, light, fun, cotton-filled ball with tiny beads.  Once you grab hold you will be amazed at how it feels. These are the same balls that we include in our "William Sensory Ready Ultimate Kits", as they are...
Kids Wooden Skipping Rope - Animals
A classic product with a twist!  The beautiful animal designs create interest, fun and motivation to get out and skip! Skipping is a fantastic activity for children, can be used indoors or outdoors and gets them active! The health benefits...
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