Hand Strength Sensory Calming Squeezy - Single Piece Rubber Wont Explode!
The perfect palm size squishy/squeezy toy. The 'Squeezy' is super durable with a soft rubber inside and the absolutely beautiful stretchy cotton outside. Perfect palm size squeezy toy Great for building hand strength Extremely strong single piece rubber inside Helps...
Throw n Play Sensory Ball
A beautifully soft, light, fun, cotton-filled ball with tiny beads.  Once you grab hold you will be amazed at how it feels. These are the same balls that we include in our "William Sensory Ready Ultimate Kits", as they are...
Bumcush - Sensory Regulation & Yoga Cushion
A wonderful cushion for the floor, whether on your bum or your knees.  Can be used for all sorts of reasons including yoga, meditation or sensory regulation.   Perfect as a pad for little ones, or throw onto the couch or...
Sensory Calming Hugging Animals
Soft, Light & Fun Spot Washable Lovable & Hugable! These are the cutest soft animals on the planet, who just love to cuddle and snuggle! A beautiful soft, stretchy polycotton fabric filled with tiny soft foam beads.  Once you grab...
Tablox - Ipad / Tablet Cushion
An awesome way to hold you tablet at home, or in the car! The shape of the Tablox means that you can sit watching movings, reading books without holding them in your hand. You can find your ultimate 'comfy' position...
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Shoulder Bliss - Aromatherapy Heat Pack
Your neck, shoulders and head will love this!! This is the next generation heat pack.  The unique design, allows for the filling to always be evenly spread inside, which makes it sit more comfortably on your shoulders.  It also means...
Sensory / Anxiety Weighted Heat Pack
What better way to get a hug and sensory regulation than your very own weighted aromatherapy weighted heat pack!   Just throw the whole thing in the microwave, heat it up and let the wonderful aromatic smells fill your senses, and...
Lapcush - Comfy Lap Table
A premium lap desk, can be used as a laptop tray, stable table or breakfast in bed! You'll love the amazingly beautiful stained,  eco-friendly bamboo, with the bean bag like cushion underneath.   A great way for the kids to do...
Huggy Roll - Animal Body Pillow
Use in bed, couch or wherever you want a friendly hug! The wonderful stretchy soft cotton cover feels amazing, and is irresistible!  Our kids have been testing this product for a long time now, and they just won't go to...
Sinus Minus - Hot/Cold Face Mask
Your face, eyes and sinuses will love this!! This is an amazing product that uses a combination of pressure and aromatherapy.  Whether you are trying to block out light, dealing with a migrane, sinus difficulty or just looking for some...
Roll or Flat Cushion - Either Flat on the floor or rolled up for sensory / hand regulation
Such a versatile cushion!!  We love it un zipped flat on the floor, on chairs in the classroom or take it to sporting events / shows for that extra comfort!! Then zip it up, place your hands inside for warmth,...
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Mum’s Relaxation Pack
The perfect gift for a mum who needs some relaxation! Combining 2 amazing products, the shoulder bliss and sinus minus for the ultimate in relaxation.   Both products can be heat packs, or put in the freezer to use for cold...
Travel Cush
Finally a super comfortable Travel Cushion!! Specifically designed to suit the ergonomics of sleeping while seated, with clever stitching and multiple layers of fabric, it fits flat across the back of your head and is super cushy around your neck. ...
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