"The Works" Fidget Kit
This is the ideal set for your fidget lover.  A great range of fidget toys, from super soft (caterpillar) to high sensory input (spikey) and all in between.  With everyone having different sensory preferences, what one person will like will...
Hand Grip Set - Exercise & Fidget
Great way for older kids / teens to build strength, regulate and calm.  Hand Grip 5 piece Exerciser & Fidgeting Sensory Tool Kit. This kit has been affectionately referred to as the "loosing your sh!t kit". This set really comes...
Entire Boon Waterplay Collection: COGS, PIPES, TUBES, FISHING, WATER BUGS & JELLIES!
Want the entire water play collection? Terrific for sensory water play or bath time fun?  Well this bundle is for you! . This is the complete Boon set featuring the amazing COGS, PIPES, TUBES, FISHING, WATER BUGS & JELLIES!   . Let...
Buildzi, Tenzi, Pairzi, Slapzi & Snapzi - Game Collection
Get the whole fun collection of games!! BUILDZI TENZI PAIRZI SLAPZI SNAPZI   Buildzi A speed building game for 2-4 players. We love playing it as a speed game where towers are built VERTICALLY on the table/surface. This makes for...
COGS, PIPES & TUBES BUNDLE - Ultimate Water Play Fun!
Are you looking for ultimate sensory water play or bath time fun?  Well this bundle is for you! . This is the complete set featuring the amazing COGS, PIPES & TUBES!   . Let their imagination run wild with multiple ways of...
Clear Wipe Writing Board Bundle - All 6
Easy to follow & simply wipes off to start again! Our clear wipe writing boards are designed based on the fundamentals of writing skills and building the critical pathways to successful writing. The writing boards are excellent for working on...
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Holistic Sensory Space Bundle - Lava Lamp, Dreamcatcher & Smudge Bowl & Stick!
Looking for the perfect wholistic calming collection?   Well, we absolutely love these items, and they just work so well together! You get the beautiful lava lamp, the dreamcatcher to hang from your bed, wall or cupboard, and a smudge bowl...
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