Premium Magnetic Finger Fidgets
Like moving in patterns & keeping your fingers busy??  Then this is the fidget for you!! This craze is gaining in popularity every day! This product is a super high quality premium version.  With magnet strips nearly twice that of...
Balance & Seat Disc - Building balance, core strength and vestibular skills.
A versatile disc for balance exercises, or on a seat for sensory feedback! If you are looking for something to add an extra level of balance skills into your sensory space or childs motor skill program, then you will love...
Sensory / Anxiety Weighted Heat Pack
What better way to get a hug and sensory regulation than your very own weighted aromatherapy weighted heat pack!   Just throw the whole thing in the microwave, heat it up and let the wonderful aromatic smells fill your senses, and...
Squeeze & Pop Sensory Fidget
Squeeze in your hand, it sticks, rotate then squeeze again & then it pops!! Building hand strength has never been so much fun!  If you are looking for a way to help build finger strength, critical in handwriting, grabbing, holding,...
Ark's Krypto Bite Necklace - Chew
Made in the USA, ARK's Krypto-Bite® Chewable Gem Necklace provides a safe, wearable, and discrete solution for kids and adults who need to chew. For boys, it's cool-factor Krypto-Bite®. For girls, it's a stylish gem pendant. Either way, it's sure...
Sometimes I Feel Angry - Book
Wanting to explain those emotions?  This series is a great way!  Recognising, understanding and acknowledging 'feelings' is an important life skill. Feelings like butterflies in your stomach, the anxiety of going to big school, or joining a sporting team for...
from $9.95
No Mess Slime - Cloud 9
You haven't felt slime like the amazing Scoopi slimes.  Cloud 9 will brighten up your day! . Vanilla scented, drizzly two-toned cloud slime. You'll never have a gloomy day with this slime by your side! Topped with the cutest rainbow charm...
from $24.95
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Puzzle Ball
A strategic fidget / game that works on fine motor skills! Puzzle ball is a fantastic game of strategy and finger strength!  You move the 9 coloured balls into the 10 holes, and keep going until you've figured out the...
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Yoga Cards - Fun & Colourful
Build confidence, improve concentration & learn to self regulate! . These wonderfully illustrated yoga cards are a fantastic tool for parents & teachers to help children practice different yoga poses. Each card has a cute instructional rhyme to help little...
Lightning Touch Plasma Ball - Touch the ball for amazing light show
Create the unique lightning in a ball effect at home! . Commonly known as plasma balls, these touch sensitive balls are drawn to your fingers, so the tiny "lightning" occuring inside looks like it's touching your fingers!  The effect is...
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Calming Cards
Learn how to calm, relax and self regulate! . Calming Cards are designed to help you teach your child calming techniques. Calming strategies include Deep Breathing, Muscle Relaxation, Grounding, Visualisation, Yoga and Mindfulness. We use these breathing and relaxation techniques...
Fat Brain Toys - Simpl Dimpl Original
Genuine original Simpl Dimpl!   . Young or old, this unique little keychain provides endless hours of fidget fun! The frame is made of strong, high-quality plastic - ideal for rattling around in your pocket or purse - and the two...
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DIY Squish Ball - Build & Squish!
Build your very own mesh squish ball!! . We love this as a way for your special one to get involved in building their very own sensory squish ball.  You can decide what goes inside, and you can build multiple...
from $6.95
Mini Squishy Fidget Balls - Twin Pack
Just like a smoosho, only smaller.  Perfect hand size for everyone! These mini squishy's are amazing to squeeze and are the perfect hand held size for calming & relaxing!  Perfect for those looking for a simple way to help with...
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Sensy Band - by Sensory Genius
A sensory, tactile and portable band..... Soothing textured silicone is the secret behind Sensy Band’s ability to calm and focus the mind. The bright orange band is easy to “slap” on and take off and adjusts to any wrist size....
Sand Timer - 3 in 1
A great way to prepare for change, with 3 timers running! . This timer is a great idea for those struggling to get their children to change tasks, finish what they are doing or get to the dinner table (insert...
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Liquid Ooze - Non sticky
Poor it out of the tube and it wont stick! They say that you can pour it onto your keyboard and it won't stick!  I'm not personally trying that, but l'm sure it's true!  . This ooze, is a runnier...
from $4.95
SMOOSHO - Colour Change
A squishy that changes colour when you squeeze!! These squishy's are amazing to squeeze and really are calming & relaxing!  Perfect for those looking for a simple way to help with self regulation. When you squeeze them, they change colour,...
Ark's Krypto Pencil Topper - Chew
Does chewing on pen caps and pencil erasers sound familiar?  Then you're in luck!   Made in the USA, ARK's Krypto-Bite® Chewable Pencil Toppers are a safe solution for kids and adults who need to chew. Chewing can be a...
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No Mess Slime - Birthday Cake
You haven't felt slime like the amazing Scoopi slimes.  Just like a birthday cake, but slime!! Pale yellow buttery slime scented like Buttercream Vanilla. Topped with fun and bright confetti sprinkles! Yum yum! Self inflating, spreadable slime guaranteed to give you...
from $11.95
Sensory Chew Necklace - Dinosaur
A reliable, comforting friend to help when you need it most! . For all the dinosaur fans out there!  Our NEW Dino Pendant is a fantastic new chew pendant for kids with a love for all things prehistoric!  Our Dino Pendant...
Hand Grip Set - Exercise & Fidget
Great way for older kids / teens to build strength, regulate and calm.  Hand Grip 5 piece Exerciser & Fidgeting Sensory Tool Kit. This kit has been affectionately referred to as the "loosing your sh!t kit". This set really comes...
Spinning Cog Range
Small, fast spinning and tactile...... A best seller - very compact and feels great between the fingers. It has a rapid spin, which is super quiet & very satisfying. The Cog fidget fits in a pocket and is very discreet. It's...
Foucault's Pendulum 38cm - Sand Art
Set the 38cm pendulum in motion, and it will inscribe beautiful rhythmic patters in the sand!   This simple device with a black stand is the perfect size to sit on your desk, bedside table or set up in a sensory...
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