Fossil Dig - Mini Palaeontology Kit
Embark on a Jurassic Journey with Our Mini Paleo Kit! Unleash the young paleontologist within your child with our exciting Mini Paleo Kit! Watch their eyes light up as they become fossil hunters, digging deep into a prehistoric world to...
TheraZen NeckCare
Indulge in the ultimate relaxation experience! Specially designed to provide a blissful escape from the demands of the day, this innovative 2kg pack delivers a soothing touch that melts away tension in your neck and shoulders. With a carefully crafted...
Stretchy Banana
A banana toy that a-peels to the senses!  As soon as you see this and start playing, you will love it!   These soft and stretchy colourful bananas hold whatever shape you mould it into.  They really are so much fun!  3...
Stretchy Axolotl
Why a stretchy Axolotl? Because they are filled with sand, stretch and shape and are lots of fun!! As soon as you see this and start playing, you will love it!   These really are so much fun to play with! ...
LED Toilet Disco Light
It's a disco in your toilet! Experience a disco light show every time you need the bathroom!  With motion sensors that feature colour changing LED lights, its the perfect accessory to navigate your way to the loo at night!  Easy...

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