Kiddikutter - Safe Kids Knife
A new & improve safe knife for kids to learn to cut and participate! We are so excited to finally have the new and improved Kiddikutter knife. The blade is much wider than our much loved version, this makes it easier...
from $18.95
Hand Strength Sensory Calming Squeezy - Single Piece Rubber Wont Explode!
The perfect palm size squishy/squeezy toy. The 'Squeezy' is super durable with a soft rubber inside and the absolutely beautiful stretchy cotton outside. Perfect palm size squeezy toy Great for building hand strength Extremely strong single piece rubber inside Helps...
Numerule - Tactile, Sensory & Easy to Count Ruler
The Numerule is an interactive, multi sensory, tactile counting ruler that is revolutionising early learning. The easy to use tactile keys, are a great visual representation and make maths so easy!   We all wish this was around when we were...
from $16.95
Calming Cards
Learn how to calm, relax and self regulate! . Calming Cards are designed to help you teach your child calming techniques. Calming strategies include Deep Breathing, Muscle Relaxation, Grounding, Visualisation, Yoga and Mindfulness. We use these breathing and relaxation techniques...
Time Timer Whiteboard & Timer
The fantastic "MOD" timer, with a whiteboard for notes! . The Time Timer + Whiteboard includes both a Time Timer MOD in Charcoal and the Time Timer Dry Erase Board. The Time Timer MOD is a 60-minute visual timer that has the style and...
6 Conflict & Resolution Games
Children often encounter differences with others, but how easy are these differences to resolve? 6 Conflict and Resolution games is a unique set of games that focuses on how to recognize conflict, how to handle it and how to resolve...
Fine Motor Bee Hive Game
This beautiful wooden play set, consists of 7 busy little bee's just wanting to fly in and out of their little hive!  With the included tweezers, you pick them up which is fantastic for fine motor skill development and grip...
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Non Toxic Modelling Clay
No need to worry with this non toxic, safe to use modelling clay! Help get those little hands touching, kneading, rolling, stretching and playing with this wonderful modelling clay.   What better way to get your creative juices flowing while building wonderful...
LCD Writing Tracing Board - with Inserts
A fantastic literacy tool, helping to write, draw and create! Is it a pre writing board....yes Is it a drawing pad....yes Is it a letter tracing board....yes Is it a game board....yes!!! Plus many more!! The 10" LCD board uses...
Jumbo Triangle Pencil HB - Reduce fatigue
Already writing well, but can't quite hold the pencil or for long enough!!. Reduce Fatigue Increase writing time Bigger Diameter Triangular Shape Jumbo triangle pencils are the perfect addition to the little ones pencil case.  These are excellent for those that...
from $2.50
Clear Wipe Board - Chalk Markers
Specially designed to work with our clear wipe writing boards!! Our clear wipe writing boards are designed based on the fundamentals of writing skills and building the critical pathways to successful writing. We have a variety of colour markers available,...
from $5.95
Easy Read Time Teacher Kids Watch
An amazingly easy way to learn to tell the time!!   . The ideal first watch for children age 4+. The clear face design and simple teaching method make it really easy for children to learn to tell the time. Worn...
Write n Play Dice
These foam whiteboard dice are ideal for the classroom, early learning setting or the home, as they allow the teacher or child to write different objects, words, letters, numbers, symbols etc, and then roll them to create fun engaging ways...
Clear Wipe Writing Board - Weekly Planner
Easy to follow & simply wipes off to start again! **NEW A4 SIZE!!!! You wanted it bigger, so we've listened and here they are!!! Our clear wipe writing boards are designed based on the fundamentals of writing skills and building...
from $35.95
Swing & Catch - Ball / Cup
Hand eye co-ordination and gross motor skill building!! A classic game, swing the ball up and catch it will the cup!  The ball is attached to the cup with a string so it won't get lost.  This game is fantastic at...
from $9.95
3D Wood Dinosaur Kit
Build your very own dinosaur, with 4 to collect! Using the easy-to-use wood sheets, simply pop out the pieces and follow the instructions. No glue required!   6 Amazing Dinosaurs to choose from: T- Rex Stegosaurus Velociraptor Apatosaurus Pteranodon Parasaurolophus...
6 Social Skills Games
Learn a range of essential skills that can be used in everyday life with this fun set of 6 Social Skills Games. Answer questions about how to deal with relatable scenarios, differentiate between right and wrong and learn how to...
Throwing "Bean Bags" - Alphabet, Colours, Shapes or Numbers
These Bean Bags are a very high quality, durable product that is sure to survive what life has to throw at them (or with them!). Alphabet Set: 26pcs A-Z, showing both upper and lower case.   Number Set: 10pcs 1-10 Colours...
from $23.95
Boiling Over - Teach Anger Management Skills
Teach anger management skills to kids with Boiling Over, the keep calm matching game! Compete with your friends and family in this unique emotional skills style memory game. Learn to identify ways in which to stay calm and identify where...
Sold Out
Yoga Cards - Fun & Colourful
Build confidence, improve concentration & learn to self regulate! . These wonderfully illustrated yoga cards are a fantastic tool for parents & teachers to help children practice different yoga poses. Each card has a cute instructional rhyme to help little...
Traffic Light Emotion Flips - Red, Yellow, Green
Want an easy way to communicate without needing to verbalise? Traffic light flips enable children to communicate their understanding of a topic (or their feelings) directly, visually and confidently. In a home setting these can be used to help express...
from $5.95
Feelings Flips
Wanting to explain those emotions?  These flips are a great way!! Feelings Flips is a vibrant and engaging double-sided flipbook that allows children to identify different emotions and what are the positive actions they can take when they begin to...
Stethoscope - Play Doctors & Nurses!
This is a real working stethoscope!! Looking for a way to listen to heart beats, play doctors & nurses, or even help understand just how they are feeling.   If you are trying to teach regulation, what better way than letting...
Sensory Magic Sand - 3 Colours
Looking for Sensory Sand to play & sculpt? Then this is for you!!  Educational Colours Sensory Magic Sand is perfect for creating crisp and precise designs and models! Children can use their imagination and play for hours using just their...
from $12.95

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