Stethoscope - Play Doctors & Nurses!
This is a real working stethoscope!! Looking for a way to listen to heart beats, play doctors & nurses, or even help understand just how they are feeling.   If you are trying to teach regulation, what better way than letting...
Fizz Rocket
Simple and fun rocket!! This mini rocket can be launched again and again with the explosive power of bicarb and vinegar. The Fizz Rocket is filled with these 2 household items which create a chemical reaction that makes a build-up...
Foucault's Pendulum 38cm - Sand Art
Set the 38cm pendulum in motion, and it will inscribe beautiful rhythmic patters in the sand!   This simple device with a black stand is the perfect size to sit on your desk, bedside table or set up in a sensory...
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Mood Rings - Change Colour
A ring that changes with temperature! Have some fun with the kids learning about temperature, the amazing effect of the rings changing colour and matching the colour to the included chart.  A great learning tool, and also helpful if communicating...
Skyrail - Wall Mounted Marble Run
Transform your wall into an amazing roller coaster with Skyrail! You can set fixed exciting marble runs or change the track so that it’s different every time. Thanks to the special UHU patafix adhesive putty included, all the parts of...
Galileo Thermometer - 28cm
The coloured floats indicate the temperature, like magic! The Galileo Thermometer is an amazing temperature reading device that every budding scientist needs!. It is a sealed glass cylinder that contains clear liquid and glass bulbs that are all different density....
Tesla's Lamp - Mini Plasma Ball 7cm
When you touch the globe, the 'lightning' filaments are attracted. This iconic scientific lamp was originally created by Nikola Tesla in 1894, following his experiments with high voltage currents. The plasma ball demonstrates the properties of electrical discharges, which you...
Eruptions & Explosions Kit
Simple Eruptions & Explosions Experiments To Do At Home!! The Eruptions and Explosions kit is perfect for any budding scientist that loves to get hands on and watch experiments bubble and fizz. Complete 5 experiments, including launching a rocket, making...
Waterslide Marble Run
Let your little ones soak up some quality time in the bath with Waterslide - Marble Run . A fantastic interactive wet and wild marble run is all about water exploration! Vortex bends, vertical drops & spinning cogs, it uses...
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Jet Car - Water Powered Kit
Blast this jet car into the distance, using only water!!! Ready, set, splash! This Jet Car is is powered only by water and is ready to race at high speeds and perform tricks. Different amounts of water and air propel...
Marble Run
Assemble your own marble runs with this excitingly challenging construction set. You can create multiple layouts and have fun experimenting with new designs. Interlocking chutes, bridges, pillars, and spinning wheels can all be used to build countless configurations that guarantee...
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Newtons Cradle
Lift one ball and let it go creating an amazing effect! This iconic science toy has been updated to make a classy desk accessory. Featuring beech wood base and stainless steel frame and 5 balls. Simply lift one ball and...
Shark Glider
Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s Tiger Tribe’s flying Shark Glider! Easy to launch, lightweight flying foam shark has a huge fin-span ensuring this big fish can soar through the skies over long distances, being able...
Colour Change Pencils
Hold the pencil & it changes colour!! These colorful pencils change with the heat of your hands as you hold them, using thermochromatic technology!  What a creative way to bring fun to writing tasks, with the pencil changing colour where...
Stainless Steel Compass
A high quality, glow in the dark compass!! This sturdy stainless steel compass features a glow in the dark dial. It is 2.5” in diameter and fits easily in a pocket, so you’ll always know which way you’re going. Fantastic...
Construct a clock - Build your own
A great way to learn gears and how a clock works! This brightly coloured clock can be constructed in 10 minutes Not only will it teach your kids how gears and cogs work, it will also help them learn to...
Water Powered Bottle Rocket
Ready, set, splash! This bottle rocket is powered by water!! Kids can launch this rocket that is powered by just water, but shoots up impressively high, reaching 30 meters, or 9 stories! The set contains everything you need to make take-off...
Discovery Microscope - 30pc Kit
Your very own microscope kit to see the parts of this world in a whole new way! This stylish microscope comes with a sturdy carry case and everything you need to start your discovery of the microscopic world! A great...
DIY Bouncy Balls - Easy Build Fun!
Simple and fun bouncy balls - add your own style! Bounce! Boing! There’s nothing quite like the sound and sight of a bouncy ball bouncing its way around. How about making your own? This DIY High Bouncy Ball kit is the...
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Science of Speed Bundle - Save $10!!
We have your Christmas presents sorted with this Science of Speed Bundle!! . We put some super fast deals together, to get these Stem toys where they the hands of kids!!!   . What better way to learn about how...
Viscoelastic Slime - Flowing & Elastic
Slime that flows very slowly and elastic at the same time! The amazing Slime Test Tube Lab! Just add water, and mix to make your own coloured slime! It's that easy.  Add 220ml of water to the slime powder, and...
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Kinetic Hoop
Simply twist the smaller hoop and watch the rest spin. This iconic science toy has been updated to make a classy desk accessory. Featuring beech wood base and stainless steel frame and hoops. It stands 28cm high. The hoops are...
Science Magic Instant Snow
Just add water and watch it grow!  Create your very own winter wonderland! . This incredible powder instantly expands when you add water, turning into a soft, fluffy substance that looks and feels just like real snow! . In the...
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