Foucault's Pendulum - Sand Art
Almost like magic, it changes inside based on the weather! Set the pendulum in motion, and it will inscribe beautiful rhythmic patters in the sand!   This simple device with a black stand is the perfect size to sit on your...
Galileo Thermometer - 28cm
The coloured floats indicate the temperature, like magic! The Galileo Thermometer is an amazing temperature reading device that every budding scientist needs!. It is a sealed glass cylinder that contains clear liquid and glass bulbs that are all different density....
Construct a clock - Build your own
A great way to learn gears and how a clock works! This brightly coloured clock can be constructed in 10 minutes Not only will it teach your kids how gears and cogs work, it will also help them learn to...
Viscoelastic Slime - Flowing & Elastic
Slime that flows very slowly and elastic at the same time! The amazing Slime Test Tube Lab! Just add water, and mix to make your own coloured slime! It's that easy.  Add 220ml of water to the slime powder, and...
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