Sensory / Anxiety Cuddly Weighted Animals
Meet our amazing soft, cuddly and calming animals!  We have been super fussy, picking only the highest quality, amazing detail and most beautiful feel.  If you are looking for a weighted animal, you absolutely will love these as much as...
Sensory / Anxiety Weighted Heat Pack
  What better way to get a hug and sensory regulation than your very own weighted aromatherapy heat pack!   Just throw the whole thing in the microwave, heat it up and let the wonderful aromatic smells fill your senses, and...
Stretchy bed sheet - Compression & Regulation
Stretches, Compresses and Regulates! These wonderful bed sheets work just like weighted products, with deep pressure being provided that helps to calm you down ready for sleep.  Our constantly stimulated bodies can reach overload, and that's when we need the...
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