Focus on the proud moments!


As I reflect on yesterday, I realise that time really does go so fast. I also realise that milestones are overrated, and that our kids development shouldn’t be categorized based on what is expected of them, at a certain age. 

Yesterday William got up in front of the classroom with so much enthusiasm.  It was his school presentation on tunnels.

His passion. His interest. His love.

He practiced, he rehearsed, and was genuinely thrilled to share his speech with his peers.

He did amazing, he was confident and he was so proud of himself, and I couldn’t be more proud of him. I think I told him at least 10 times how incredible he did


Just like riding his bike, finding friendship groups, or learning to put on his socks and shoes independently…..  it has, and will continue to come when he is ready.

Of course, there are ups and downs and triumphs and tears as we go through this crazy thing called life, but when amazing things happen - we should share it with the world!

Here’s your reminder to stay in your lane and focus on what your child is doing. What your child is achieving. What you see as a massive achievement, not what some book or website claims to know about you and your child.

Do what feels right. Do not compare ages and stages, but rather focus on their amazing proud moments!  Allow your child to learn and adapt to their goals when they are ready.

It will come. It may not happen as fast as their peers, but when you see it, you realise how precious those moments really are.
Surprises come in the most magical ways with our kids, and acknowledging the positive steps can only lead to more growth and happiness. ✨
Julia Ryan
Founder - William Ready 

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