My 2 boys – ASD and Neurotypical


It’s all part of the joys of raising a child, and as a first-time mum, you appreciate the help and guidance of other mums when something may not be working for you.

They use their own experiences, you use yours, and you go back and forth in conversation about what has worked, what hasn’t, and what may in the future.

So interesting though, when you start talking about your ASD child and the weird and quirky traits that they display, they then find themselves a bit lost for words.

I used to find myself telling people about the fact that Will could not tolerate any doors or cupboards left open, or that he used to stare at the ceiling for long periods of time like it was a puzzle he had to put back together. I don’t blame them for not knowing what to say… I didn’t either.My 2 boys

You see, I always thought that I would be the same mother, same role model to my two children. We all do, right? However, since William’s diagnosis, I feel at times, I’ve had to change the way I raise both of my boys. 

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