Feelings Cube
Helping little ones to express themselves through play! The Feelings Cube is designed to help little ones express themselves through play! Each side contains a different textured visual illustration of emotion plus 4 different synonyms for that emotion. This is a great and...
Sensory Space Combo - Vortex, Butterfly, Bottle Light
Are you looking to create regulation, calming and peace in that special space?   We have put this wonderful kit together, consisting of 3 amazing products, to help get your sensory space, bedroom, office/desk or quiet corner off to the right...
Eruptions & Explosions Kit
Simple Eruptions & Explosions Experiments To Do At Home!! The Eruptions and Explosions kit is perfect for any budding scientist that loves to get hands on and watch experiments bubble and fizz. Complete 5 experiments, including launching a rocket, making...
Fidget Cube Ring
Sits on your finger and you can fidget with 1 hand!! A fantastic fidget tool, that is perfect for sitting on your finger, while your thumb fidgets!!  Great for 1 handed use, so you've still got the other hand free.  ...
Speks Spectrum
The original in mashable, smashable fun. Made from rare earth magnets in a rainbow of colours, Speks are quite possibly the best stress-relief desk toy around. Take ‘em wherever you like — they’re the perfect size for work or on-the-go. ...
Stretchy Dachshund
Why a stretchy dachshund? Because they are filled with sand, stretch and shape and are lots of fun!! Ok, l was a little sceptical at first....a stretchy dog....really?  How is that useful? Then l grabbed one, stretched it, squished its...
Jumbo SMOOSHO - Crystal Ball
A large squishy, bigger than your fist, that looks like a crystal ball that you can squeeze!! Jumbo squishy's are amazing to squeeze and really are calming & relaxing!  Perfect for those looking for a simple way to help with...
On & off Switch Light
A night light or a decide!! These are an awesome night light, addition to a sensory space or for the desk!  The whole light rocks either on or off, with a simple touch.  Turning the light on or off!!...
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Magnetic Butterflies & Base
The beautiful designs on these metal butterflies look fantastic when sat onto the magnetic base.  Since the base is the magnet, you can place the butterflies into all sorts of fantastic configurations.  Included are 12 butterflies and 1 magnetic base.  ...
Waterslide Marble Run
Let your little ones soak up some quality time in the bath with Waterslide - Marble Run . A fantastic interactive wet and wild marble run is all about water exploration! Vortex bends, vertical drops & spinning cogs, it uses...
Gamer Fidget Spinner - Metal
A weighted spinner, with buttons, joy stick & more!! This is one for the collection!  It spins great, but with all the buttons, you'll be push, pulling, turning and moving more than spinning! The buttons are firm, but provide excellent...
Christmas Survival Fidget Kit
Contains a new variety to the works kit so even if you have the works you'll love this! Wonderful all new Christmas themed tin. A great gift or keep for yourself! Contains XL Hexa Fidget Red Spikey Fidget Green Caterpillar...
Fizzy Water Play - Unicorn
Have some fun with your water play or bath - drop them in and watch them fizz!! Simply drop them into water and they fizz and eventually reveal a unicorn!!   . There are 4 types so it's a surprise what...
12 Sided Fidget
12 sides of fidgeting fun!! There's so much to do, you just wont stop!!  From tactile, pushing, pulling, plucking, rubbing, twisting, turning and spinning, you'll have something to keep your hands busy. For younger kids, these are great at developing...
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Crazy Aarons Thinking Putty - 2" Amethyst Blush
The amazing Crazy Aarons Putty - perfect travel tin!  Amethyst Blush - Heat Sensitive Thinking Putty Small 5cm tins Each metal tin is hand packed with a sample size of Crazy Aaron's Putty. The natural colour of amethyst ranges from...
Turtle Finger Poppers
Squeeze hard and the head pops out!! Hilarious skill building fun! The turtle finger poppers are ideal for building hand strength, fine motor skills and for stress relief!!  They are harder than you think to squeeze, so for real little...
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Rotating Projector Night Light
Rotating projector night light - SPACE OR DINOSAURS!! These lamps look fantastic! They offer a soft level of light, perfect as a night light, but when it's dark, you can see the objects on the walls!   . You can choose...
Christmas Cheer Bundle - Save Over $10!!
We have your Christmas cheer sorted!! . Looking forward to Christmas, and want to spread some more holiday happiness!!  Then this bundle is for you, with something for everyone! . Bundle Includes: 1 x Christmas Sign (Merry Christmas, Believe, Dream...
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Unicorn & Mermaid Bundle - Save Over $18!!
We have your Christmas presents sorted with this Mythical Bundle!! We put your favourite mythical creature products products together in a bundle!!   . Bundle Includes: 1 x Flip Sequin Mermaid (Pink & Purple - Choose from dropdown) 1 x Unicorn...
Small Stretchy Sand - Essential Oil BUNDLE
Love using stretchy sand & essential oils? Then this is for you!!  You too will love this stretchy cotton sand, which just feels amazing.  Best of all, its not sticky!! Its similar to kinetic sand but stretchy - kinda like...
Mini Jellyfish Sensory Lamp
Perfect small size for on the desk or bedside table..... This jellyfish lamp is a fantastic addition to any sensory space, desk or area that you might want some emotional regulation.   The kids are really drawn to the jellyfish, the...
Space Shuttle LED Light
Stunning led lamp, ready for blastoff! The wonderful glow of this lamp will suit any bedroom, sensory space or desk!  You can select colours, or scroll through them all automatically. . It can run off batteries, or the included USB cable,...
$34.95 $24.95
Tribe of Dinosaurs
Create your own prehistoric adventure with Tiger Tribe’s little Tribe of Dinosaurs!  . Now you can take your dinosaurs everywhere! Six of your favourite mini dinossaurs, including, Stegosaurus, T-Rex, Apatosaurus, Triceratops, Dimetrodon and the awesome Parasaurolophus (can you pick which one he...
Relaxing Bubble Tube
The very thick mixture, creates very slow moving bubbles...amazing!! . This is an awesome desktop or sensory space addition!  The thin and tall tube, has very slow moving bubbles, the work their way to the top.  You can just stare...
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