I want you to take a moment to think about the times when you’ve doubted yourself.

When you’ve thought you weren’t good enough….. Where the struggles and hard times that life presents us, made you think you couldn’t keep going.

Now multiply that by a thousand if you have a child with neurodiverse needs.

It just hits you so much more, doesn’t it?


Parenting can be tough and does come with many challenges, but the joy and never-ending love you feel is like nothing else. 

But then when you’re faced with a diagnosis….. in our case autism, it really does bring about so many feelings, fears and doubts. It completely changes the way you view the world.

No longer is it about the best grades in school, the need to dress in the latest fashion, or the milestones that seem to come with ease for everyone else.

It is simply about acceptance. It’s about kindness and celebrating every win, big or small.


So with all that in mind - let me share how those feelings fuelled my desire for this inspiring song.

I wrote it for my son William.

William is autistic and amazing. He’s brave and unique, and he is the reason for this uplifting and powerful melody.  We wrote it together. We laughed and danced as we sang the words.

This song is about acknowledging the strength from within to believe that I am the perfect person to be his mum. It's about forever advocating for him with every inch of my life, and it’s about encouraging others to see that different is beautiful. That different is what we need in this world. That we can all chase our dreams, because we deserve it. Because we are strong, and because we will never give up.

When I first started journaling, the words came easy to me. It was a way of expressing how I was feeling, and what we were going through as a family.

Those words then started to rhyme, and it was then I realised this could become something magical.

I was hoping to find someone that could bring my words to life in a moving, heartfelt song, and boy did I find someone special. You may know her as Debbie Doo, and with her lifetime of wisdom, experience and honest music, we instantly had a connection.

We knew from the very start that we shared the same values and passion for creating a powerful message that we can all take something from.

Fast forward 2 years and our song has finally made it to your ears. This song really shows how powerful music can be.

As you listen, I want you to remember to always keep going, regardless of the hurdles you face.

Let it be a clear reminder to the world that anything is possible, if you believe.

Believe You Can


Julia Ryan

Founder - William Ready 


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