Party Time


Can you remember when your child first got invited to their friends birthday party? Like proper school party? Where there’s been a select few that have been invited? 

I can. It’s today, and William can’t wait!

It’s one of his little buddies from school. It’s amazing, cute and special all rolled into one.

I feel so happy for him.

He’s starting to form little friendships this year. It’s happy tears from me.

It’s milestones that up until they happen, you never really know how much it means.

He’s been talking about it all week.

He’s ready to go with a big smile.

It’s moments like these that I can stop and appreciate. That I can accept for a minute that he’s just like every other boy or girl wanting friendships. Wanting connections and feeling appreciated and valued.

A small thing that we perhaps take for granted? Not the way I see it.

I will treasure these times and remember how happy they made him feel. Because when the journey to get to this point seemed so far, it would be crazy not to savour these moments.


Friendship is not a big thing, it’s a million little things, so go and enjoy yourself William.

Your friends are waiting for you. 🖤

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