I am Autistic


Autistic, I am Autistic, I have Autism, Autism Spectrum Disorder, On the Spectrum, Neurodiverse, Disability, Difference, Disorder, Disabled. Special Needs, Additional Needs, Identity-first language, Person-first language … the list goes on.

There really are so many words out there for autism in the autistic community, though l would personally love to see a focus on recognising the gifts and strengths that are a part of the profile of autism. That autistic individuals are just as deserving and worthy of everything that life has to offer.  And to point out that people with autism can become active members of society with successful careers, and fulfilling, loving relationships, even with the misunderstanding around autism still being so prevalent in our society.


We want to educate others and show the world our beautiful kids, as they grow into wonderful adult members of society, so let’s continue to do that!

Always respect the language and labels and ask the individual, because understanding autism and how the condition relates to you, your child or your loved one is a crucial way that you can support yourself or that person.

I am not autistic, but my son is. And I will continue to be his voice and advocate for him until he is old enough to understand. I will respect his wishes and will always educate him, and allow him to make his own decisions as the years go on.


We completely appreciate that language can be very important to an autistic individual.  For me, at this point in our journey, I personally want to focus on helping William thrive and to live life to the fullest. To enjoy all the wonderful and amazing qualities that make him, him.

There are so many incredible talents that I see in William, as I see in so many other autistic individuals as well.  So, let’s celebrate difference in this world, and continue to share all the amazing things about our autistic loved ones.   

I’m here for the happiness in my child and will respect his wishes and love him wholeheartedly for who he is.


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