Time passing by………


Raise your hand if you feel like the weeks, months and years are just flying by at a rapid rate?

Yep, me too.

I am finding there are simply not enough hours in the day. Not enough time to get everything done, be a good mum, wife and friend and have some down time.

Throw in a child with diverse needs, running a business and a 7-year-old who is as cheeky as ever, I am absolutely exhausted by school pick up.  

I’m working on breaking up my day, finding the balance and taking people up on their offer of helping out, and appreciating the assistance in more ways than one.

Writing and journaling has been a huge positive in my way of dealing with the last 5 or so years. It’s been my way of processing everything but to be honest, I haven’t put pen to paper for a number of months and I can really notice the difference in my days. Some days, I just simply need more time for me….. but don’t we all?

Time has got away, and while I think back to the last year, I can honestly say that its been a mixture of hard, amazing, emotional and proud moments all rolled into one.

William has now left his Autism specific school and is attending a mainstream school full time.

It’s been the best thing ever. He’s thriving and loving his new school. He’s happy, he’s making friends and he’s genuinely happy to go to school to learn and be with his peers.

When we catch up with friends and they see how Will is behaving and communicating, so many of them tell us they are seeing such a difference in William, and that truly warms my heart. It just shows that all the hard work is making a difference. It helps remove the doubt as to whether we’re doing the right thing and making the right decisions.

And so, while I focus on the now, I can’t help but think about the future.

I think about his friendship groups. His lack of understanding of social cues, and his understanding of the “real world”. I think about how he’ll be perceived by his peers as the years go on, and how I will prepare him for the world of high school and beyond.  

I want to be there for him every step of the way, but I also need to let him learn and make mistakes on his own. I guess when a goal is achieved, it’s just that much more special, and perhaps that may not have been the case if I had not been taken on this Autism journey. And I say journey, because that, it has been.

There are amazing times, and there are hard times. There are times where i don’t think I can take on anymore and I feel anxiety creeping in. Then there are times where I am unbelievably proud, excited, and blessed to have been taken on this amazing ride with Will as my tour guide.

Time sure is going fast, but I wouldn’t want it to be filled with anyone else but my two amazing boys.

So, here’s the advice that I’m taking going forward (feel free to take it on board too)

Focus on you and your family. Celebrate the wins, big or small. Accept help from family and friends. Take time for yourself because when you’re feeling good, you’re just a better person all round.

Go with your gut and don’t take advice from people who don’t align with where you’re heading.

Believe that small steps lead to great outcomes and give yourself the credit that you deserve.

Our neurodiverse kids deserve a world where they are included, accepted and feel loved and supported. Let’s continue to do that by helping them, while also looking after ourselves.

Take care wonderful friends and reach out anytime x

Julia Ryan
William Ready.


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