Feeling all the emotions right now...


Feeling all the emotions right now.

Last week William had another assessment that confirmed his intellectual disability.
I knew the focus of the assessment was IQ, but when the psychologist came in, explained the results and told me where he’s at, it crushed me all over again.


Four years ago when he had a similar assessment, the psych couldn’t complete the session as it was too much for William. There was no way of getting an accurate report.

Last week I was told all the things he couldn’t do. All the things he struggled with. My mind was telling me it will be ok, but my heart was aching. What did this now mean for the road ahead and what did it look like?

Ultimately, all we want is for our kids to be happy, right? But when you receive a further diagnosis like this, the life you picture for them changes once again.
But, I’m just riding all the emotions at the moment, processing it all and being there for Will as best I can.
This is just another step in the world of us.
And it will be ok. I will make sure of it.

If you too, have been feeling a little deflated lately, a little lost, or a little unsure of the next step, remember it doesn’t change who our beautiful kids are. It doesn’t define all they are.
It does mean we want a better life for them. It means we’ll do anything to ensure they are supported and loved and have the ability to believe in themselves.

It’s also a reminder that while our children test us, push us, and change us in more ways than one, they are also our greatest achievement, and our biggest driving force to see change in the way society views “different”.
That we can be the change in the world, and be more accepting of our kids that don’t seem to fit into what is considered normal.


What is normal though? Who defines what normal is?
I keep saying it and I’ll say it once again.... how boring would the world be if we were all the same?

I tell Will he’s special, he’s unique, he’s smart and he’s kind, and while he sees something at the playground that no-one sees, or he hears something that I simply don’t, it really does make me appreciate the world he’s taken us on. And while the last few weeks have been hard to process, I am thankful for all he has shown me and will continue to teach me.

Hard? Yes. Rewarding? Yes.

Life doesn’t get easier or more forgiving, we get stronger and more resilient.


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