• When do you talk about it?

    When do you talk about it?

    ‘Mummy, you know how Will has Autism? Well, what do I have?’ These were the words from my 5-year-old a few weeks back. We were in the car and it just came out of nowhere. To be honest, I wasn’t surprised he asked the question. Ryder is very smart. He asks lots of questions but in that moment, I needed to help him understand...
  • The Autistic Mind

    The Autistic Mind

    The autistic mind can prevent you from switching off, particularly when it comes to my son. I was doing school drop off (It was William’s last day of school for term 3) William was happy as per usual in the car. He loves the car and he loves school, so everything was fine at that point. His brother Ryder was also with us.We park the...
  • I had to look 5 times - Ausmumpreneur Finalist

    I had to look 5 times - Ausmumpreneur Finalist

    I had to look 5 times… The email that revealed I was a finalist at the AusMumprenuer Awards! "You deserve it, you’ve done an amazing job". Those were the words from my husband Andy after reading all about the AusMumprenuer Awards. It honestly sounded amazing, but how would I fare against the other businesses being nominated?Yes, I dreamed of being a part of it....
  • Run you own Race

    Run you own Race

    In today’s world, without even thinking about it, I feel we compare our lives to everyone else’s. We compare our children to their children, and we always think someone else’s life seems more stress-free than ours. We do it without even realising, and while we’re trying our best and doing all we can, we always look to others and think they have everything perfectly...
  • From your Mummy

    From your Mummy

        Having a child changes your whole world…. You hear it all the time but honestly, it really does.Once that beautiful baby arrives in the world, the sleep-ins are a thing of the past. Most meals are eaten cold. You find yourself still in your pj’s at 3pm. You wonder how you’re going to get through another day with having had 4 hours...
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